Bradford Libraries holds many resources relating to the Great War.  Some are in digital copy and some are hard copy resources, only available in the libraries.  

This site aims to bring together many of the resources, links and stories relating to the Great War.

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This is a new blog for the teenage and young people’s reading groups of Bradford Libraries

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Bel Canto by Ann Patchett

Bel Canto Cover
We have had this book before in our group, I enjoyed reading it then but not enough to read it again. 8/10

A sensitive account of love and art in extreme circumstances. 8/10

Out of a nightmare comes an unexpectedly beautiful story of friendship, kindness and love. Despite having read it before I re-read it and enjoyed just as much as the first time. 9/10

I enjoyed this story. 8/10

Burley Library Reading Group

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Beauty by Raphael Selbourne

Beauty Cover

  • Beauty’s journey to self-worth without compromising her faith and culture was a triumph. 9/10
  • Beauty is a nineteen year old Bengali woman who grew up in London and returned after being forced to marry a much older man in Bangladesh. The story is gripping and fascinating, I would recommend it to friends. 8/10
  • From not liking it at all, I ended up really liking it. 8/10
  • Original, thought provoking and ultimately life enhancing. 9/10

Burley Readers Group

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Alone in Berlin by Hans Falladia

The novel is set in Berlin in the early 1940s. It is a time of great suspicion and fear for ordinary people. Bullies, petty criminals and psychopaths are given positions of power solely because they are loyal Nazi Party members. People spy on their neighbours and denounce them to the Gestapo. Overt opposition is punished brutally and anyone not supporting the Party is suspect and liable to imprisonment on the pettiest of charges.

Yet there are many decent people who don’t hate others, believe in justice and just want to get on with their lives. How can you oppose such a brutal regime with its fanatical supporters? Otto Quangel tries to in his own quiet away. He is a craftsman carpenter who is foreman in a joinery factory. Prior to the war the workers produced furniture but now they make coffins for the growing numbers of German dead. His son is killed in action and Quangel lives quietly with his wife in a small flat. His way to fight the Nazis is to produce at least two anonymous postcards every weekend and leave them in offices or blocks of flats where they might be found by Berliners. Their message is always to condemn the war and state that Hitler is lying to the German people. If he is discovered he knows he will be executed for treason and his wife, Anna, with him. He hopes that people will read the cards and maybe think for a while what their content means. He knows he is sowing dissent and that his actions will anger and frighten the authorities.

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Welcome Bradford’s Readers

November 14, 2011 1 comment

This is a new page for all the readers’ groups in Bradford.  The aim is to post book reviews, latest literary news and events, in fact it can be anything you want it to be.

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